Bay Area Senior Games 2014 Senior Games Coming- Track Meet on May 10; Feats of Strength on May 11.
Feats of Strength includes 7 events. Scroll down to see the world records and world age records in these 7 events:1.Pullups for reps; 2. Maximum pullups (bodyweight + extra weight added); 3. Farmer's Walk;4. Standing long jump; 5. Dynamometer hand grip test; 6. Deadlift Lockout; 7. Vertical Jump. See flyer below for more info.
  World Records by Age Group for these 7 events are a little ways below. They start with the records for the vertical jump and continue with the deadlift lockout, etc. These lists are as of May 1, 2014 and supersede all other lists below:

Pleasanton Highland Games 2013  (August 31- September
Dynamometer Grip Test Results Conducted by Dale Harder
Five New World Records This Time! Results listed below for each class of competition and then by visitors to the meet: All grip squeezes listed in kilograms  (kg). One kg = 2.2046 pounds:
Men's Pro Class
Matt Vincent 101 kg
Craig Sinclair, Scotland, 93 kg
Sinclair Patience, Scotland, 92 kg
Jake Sullivan 103 kg
Andy Vincent 102 kg
Nathan Burchett 86 kg

Open Amateurs
Jose McKinney 86 kg
Issac Burchett 85 kg
West Imboden 77 kg
R.J. Sutherland 87 kg
Matt Thompson 81 kg
Scott Hutchinson 76 kg
Nick Kahanic 90 kg
Jeff Kaste 91 kg
Mike Macallani 91 kg

Men's  Masters 40-49 Class
Dave Brown 115 kg New Age 40+ World Record !

Joe Wilson 80 kg
Ken Lowther 80 kg
Mark Wechter 85 kg

Men's Masters 60+Class
Dan DeWelt 60 kg

Women's Open Class
Danielle Curry 83 kg New Women's World Record !
Adriane Wilson-Blewitt 70 kg
Beth Burton 68 kg
Beth Owen 72 kg New Women's Age 35+ World Record !
Heather MacDonald 62 kg
Kristy Scott 64 kg
Summer Pierson 60 kg

Women's 40+ Master's Class
Michelle Crownhart 42 kg
Shonda Mulrey 54 kg
Karyn Dallimore, Canada, 49 kg

Male Visitors
Taylor Brown, age 14, 57 kg
Zach Harris, age 12, 50 kg, New Age 12 World Record!
Wade Hurst, age 71. 57 kg
Mike North, age 67, 55 kg
Jim DeAvellar, age 60?, 63 kg
Jeff Bain, age 50, 73 kg

Female Visitors
Arabella Brown, age 5 ,13 kg, New Age 5 Girl's World Record!

Rae Blewitt, age 61, 54 kg, New Women's Age 60+ World Record!

Baseline Dynamometer World Record List (see below a ways down) thru Sept. 1, 2013

Strength & Speed 2014 Age Records for Track & Field
Men's Events ages 5 to 100 by Dale Harder
We've decided to update the track & field age records that are part of our book Strength & Speed (please see our Strength & Speed article below). This new 24 page booklet lists the latest age records for all of the track & field events found in the Olympics plus two more: high jump, pole vault, long jump, triple jump, shot put, discus throw, hammer throw, javelin, decathlon, 100m, 200, 400, 800, 1500, mile, 5000, 10000marathon, 110 hurdles, 400 hurdles, steeplechase, and standing long jump. Order from Education Plus, 18584 Carlwyn Dr, Castro Valley CA 94546-2032 by check or money order made out to Education Plus for $9.95 + $2.00 S&H. Or order by PayPal from If any questions use that email address.

Home Page
"Strong Stronger Strongest" by Dale Harder (2nd edition) January 2011
     Who are the strongest men of all time? To answer this, strength researcher Dale Harder wrote bios of 156 weightlifters, powerlifters, Basque stonelifters, "World's Strongest Men" winners, entrants in the Arnold strongman, wrestlers, arm wrestlers, grip men, shot-putters and Scottish highland games athletes, among others, of the world's most amazing strong men from both the past and the present. 

    He added 23 men to the new edition. 
 Zydrunas Savickas' feats of strength make many think he's the world's strongest man of all time.
    Learn about versatile Mikhail (Misha) Koklyaev's records in weightlifting, powerlifting, stongman and highland games that make many think he's the world's strongest man! 
    Derek Poundstone won the Arnold Strongman and Fortissimus over Savickas! How?
    What feats did Benedikt (Benny) Magnusson do besides deadlift 1015 lb for a new world's raw record? 
    Konstantin Konstantinovs did a drug tested raw dead lift of 939 lb at 282 lb! What other strength feats did he do?
    Learn about Denis Cyplenkov, the world champion arm wrestler known as "The Beast'.
    Find out about gigantic Cleve Dean's arm wrestling and strongman feats! Sadly he passed away in 2011.
    Andy Bolton is the first man to have deadlifted over 1000 lb. Find out more!
    See bios on Brian Shaw and other strongmen.
+ All-time lists for Olympic lifts, power lifts (IPF, raw and others) and 56 lb weight over the bar marks (Scottish Highland Games); most lifts are 50 deep.
+ Superheavy champs for every world contest in Olympic lifting and IPF powerlifting.
+ 156 photos/drawings + 320 pages. 

    Order Strong Stronger Strongest: Send  check or money order  for $29.94 plus $7 S&H anywhere in the USA to Education Plus, 18584 Carlwyn Dr, Dept. W, Castro Valley CA 94546-2032 or by PayPal. If ordering by PayPal please make amount payable to
DaleHarderEP@gmail.comPayPal orders please add $2. Calif. orders please add $3.30 sales tax. Orders from Canada add $20 S&H and other countries also pay in USA currency and please add $35 S&H instead. All orders shipped priority mail.  PayPal is fastest.
Strength & Speed by Dale Harder--10th Edition
    *Strength & Speed is a fun facts book like a combination of Guinness World Records and Ripley's Believe It Or Not. On the cover shown above is Mathias Steiner of GERMANY, weightlifting gold medalist, at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China.

    *Did you know that this book has world records in all strength or speed events for every age group from 5 to 100? Records and topics include weightlifting, powerlifting, track & field, exercise, strongman, Scottish Highland Games, grip strength (including Dinnie Stones, Inch Dumbbell, and Millennium Dumbbell), all-around weightlifting, acrobatics, adventure, exploring, animal feats, diving, baseball, basketball, football, golf, high diving, man vs. beast and many others. Example: 100m dash record for age 35-39 is 9.97 seconds at altitude by Linford Christie, GBR.

    * Be impressed by bodyweight records in almost every event in weightlifting, powerlifting, track & field, exercise and highland games. Example: The lightest man to put the 16 lb shot over 70 feet is Rolf Ostereich, East Germany, with 72'8 at only 218 lb.

    *Use tables to compare yourself with others your age in  track & field. Example: the average man 20-34 can run 100 meters in 13.4 seconds compared to Usain Bolt's world record of 9.58 seconds.

    *Look up the record progressions in all events in the three sports listed above. For example, see all the official amateur mile run records back to 1913, and pro mile run records  (unofficial) back to 1770.

      *Read about the most versatile athletes who starred in different sports.

    *This book has 319 pages with over 120 photos and drawings.

    *Order Strength & Speed from PayPal payable to  for $29.95 + $7 shipping & handling in USA+ $2 for PayPal fees. Please add $3.30 sales tax for Californians. S&H is $20 to Canada and $35 to all  other countries. All orders are sent priority mail.

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    *Please email  us at above address  if more information is needed.

Sports Comparisons...You Can Compare Apples to Oranges
by Dale Harder (2nd edition)
This is a book that allows you to use decathlon type scoring tables to compare events within a sport and between sports. For example, in track & field an 8'0 (2.44m) high jump is worth 900 points and so is a 28'8 (8.73m) long jump. In weightlifting a 570 lb (259 kg) clean & jerk, and a 463 lb (210 kg) snatch are each also worth 900 points.
    How did the author determine these point values? He set up tables from 0 to 1000 points with 1000 representing the theoretical ideal with current equipment and technology. The real baselines  for each event are the 100 point marks and the 800 point marks and everything in between is interpolated and everything under 100 points and over 800 points is an extension of the tables. The 100 point mark represents what the average man (age 20-39, 5'9, 154 lb) can do. 
    The 100 point values were established from many research studies by people like David Willoughby (respected author of Super Athletes) although many of his studies were done by the 1960s and have been replaced by newer studies in some cases. 
    Marks at the 800 point level represent the all-time 100th best performer in that event as of March 27, 2005. For example in the high jump 7'7.25 (2.32m) was the mark of the 100th best performer and 7'7 was assigned 800 points. The average man, using the flop technique could do 4'8 (1.42m) and thus 4'8 was assigned 100 points. This is pretty much how it works in almost every event with a few exceptions; some sports such as Scottish Highland Games have fewer competitors than the major sports and a modified system was used in those cases.
    Over 200 events from 32 sports are covered in this book of 132 pages. Explanations and footnotes accompany all of the tables. Sports included are: track & field; weightlifting; powerlifting; all-around lifting; highland games; Basque stone lifting; other stone lifting & carrying; farmer's walk; strongman; grip strength; pullups, pushups & situps; rope climbing; archery; baseball; basketball; bicycling; bowling; canoeing & kayaking: football (American); golf; hockey; mountaineering & rock climbing; rodeo; skiing; soccer (football); speed skating; swimming (pools); swimming (open water); tennis; triathlon and wrestling.
       *Order Sports Comparisons from PayPal payable to  for $14.98 + $7 shipping & handling in USA+ $2 for PayPal . Please add $1.95 sales tax for Californians. S&H is $20 to Canada and $35 to other countries. All orders are sent priority or first class mail.
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Dale Harder's Strength & Speed Newsletter 
This newsletter covers seven sports regularly: weightlifting; powerlifting; Scottish Highland Games; strongman; track & field (athletics); exercise feats (especially pullups and chinups)and grip feats. If something unusual or exotic happens in sports we often throw that in as well. 
    We publish a lot more records and lists that most other publications don't: age records, bodyweight records and height records to name a few. For example of an age 15 record: Jacko Gill NZL, 6'1.5, 192 lb, put the 16 lb shot 60'11.75 (18.57m); that is a mark that a grown man could be very proud of. At age 16 his weight was up to 220 lb and his 16 lb shot went up to 65'8 (20.01m),
    As an example of a bodyweight record, Alexey Sorokin RUS in the  181.75 lb (82.5 kg) class at the IPF world championships in November 2010 squatted 837 lb (380 kg) which was over 4.63 times his bodyweight! Imagine.
    For a height record, Jeremy Scott USA, 6'9, 200 lb, pole vaulted 19'1.25 (5.82m) to be the tallest man ever to vault over 19'. 
    We will cover unusual events such as the new Feats of Strength events, which will be contested  at the Bay Area Senior Games on March 12, 2012 at Castro Valley, California. The regular competition is open to seniors age 50+ for both men and women. Entrants can enter from one to five events for $10 plus a $35 administration fee for BASG. The events are; pullups/chinups for reps; pullup/chinup for a 1-rep maximum (bodyweight + extra weight is added together); standing long jump; farmer's walk (different weights for different ages and genders); and the dynamometer hand strength test. Go to to register. If you are younger than 50 contact us for doing possible exhibition events which still can be certified for record attempts. After the competition there may be some impromptu events such as one-arm or two-arm partial dead lifts, lifting the Weaver Stick, ripping phone books in half or other feats.
    One of the many articles in the newsletter is described just below:

Greatest Athlete in the World by Clay Parker
Clay Parker of Monroe LA has written a series of articles about a hypothetical contest to determine who is the greatest athlete in the world. He selected 32 athletes from a variety of sports--American football, basketball, baseball, soccer, track & field, rugby, cricket, boxing, mixed martial arts, swimming, tennis, and many more. Each athlete was paired one-on-one in a fantasy matchup in 15 events over 5 days. Some of the 15 events were: American football combine; one-on-one tennis game to 6 points; 100 m swim; weightlifting-power lifting contest; 10 km (6.2 mile) cycling race; running combination with two races--100m and 1500m; gym test totaling pushups, pullups, parallel bar dips and squat thrusts over a one-minute time frame; and an obstacle course a la Superstars. 
    Clay used a panel of 11 expert judges to decide the winners of each matchup. The winners went on to challenge other winners in a round-robin type contest. We don't want to give away the final winner here but the results can be read about in his fascinating article in the June 2011 issue of Dale Harder's Strength & Speed Newsletter. More info below.

    *To subscribe for 6 issues in a year please order from PayPal payable to   For $22 in USA; Canada $30; elsewhere $38 all in US dollars.   * Or order with check and money order, payable to Education Plus and send to Education Plus, Dept. W; 18584 Carlwyn Dr; Castro Valley CA 94546-2032. PayPal is faster as checks may take up to 2 weeks to clear.
    *Please email me at above email if more information is needed.

Weighted Pullup Records
    Steven Proto, age 29, a banker  from  Edmond, Oklahoma set three new world records in a pullup for maximum weight. This event adds your bodyweight plus extra weight lifted during the pullup. On July 19. 2012  Steve weight 199.0. lb,   did one complete pullup with 206.0 lb extra for a total of 405.2 lb. This was the WR for most additional weight lifted in a pullup.
    On Oct. 6, 2012 at the firsts world championships for Feats of Strength, held in the Quad Hotel in Las Vegas NV,  at a weight of 205.5 lb and with an extra 200.1 lb  Steven did a complete pullup with 405.6 lb.  We approved these records after seeing the video and witness statements as  new Strength & Speed world records
    For world records with pullups and other exercises we require three witness statements, video proof from at least two different angles--one camera must show whether the chin clears the bar with another camera showing that they arms were fully extended before the rep. After the rep we need the camera to record both the weight of the athlete and the extra weight he lifted. All of these requirements were met to make this a new world record. To read more about these and other world records you might subscribe to Dale Harder's Strength and Speed Newsletter (details elsewhere on this website). To see the video of this and other Steven Proto records go to YouTube and look up "pullup 405 lb" and you will clearly see that this is a complete rep. The reason we also require witness statements is because we've seen all kinds of wizardry on tv to show impossible feats like someone kicking a football into a garbage can several times in a row from well over 50 yards.
    Steven also has these unofficial Strength & Speed world records, also shown on YouTube: Pullups with 140 lb extra weight for 5 reps done on April 4, 2011 at a bw of 203.2 lb; pullups with 100 lb extra for 10 reps done on March 13, 2011 at a bw of 202.6  lb; pullups with 45 lb extra for 20 reps done in April, 2011. They're unofficial at this point only because they lack three witness statements.  Steven is also a member of www.extremepullups and can be seen on that website as well as Damien Longley who is mentioned below.

Pullups Maximum Weight Male Age Records
Age  Max.      Athlete & Extra Wt.      Birth       Site                           Date       BW
8        74c x10    Ken Harder                          012165     Castro Valley CA               73      74
9        119c         Jason Divis + 36.4                       03    Las Vegas NV            100612       82.6
12       177.4c     Levi Merrell + 47.4                     00      Las Vegas NV            100612    130.0
17       257          Joey Powell + 100               032488    GA                               013006    157
19       262.6c x3 Tanner Ray                                 93    Corona CA                  082512    262.6
op      405.6       Steven Proto + 201.6        010582     Las Vegas NV             100512    204
35      313c x2    Dale Harder + 57                032737    Castro Valley CA            0772    256
70      309.4c     Ed Kreusser + 90                112341     Corvallis OR               112341    219.4
75      248.2c      Dale Harder + 15              032737    Castro Valley CA         081012   233.2
85     154 x11      Sanford Werner                 051231     Van Nuys CA               060711   150
90     154 x6       Moe Carson                         090919    Palm DesertCA          052210   154
Key: Max. = bodyweight + extra weight used for one chinup or one pullup; c = chinup; Birth = birthdate; BW = bodyweight includes clothing

Pullups Maximum Weight Female Age Records
Age  Max.     Athlete & Extra Wt.      Birth    Site                          Date        BW
5         38x6       Wendy Harder                 033071   Castro Valley CA      0676          38
9        51             Wendy Harder                 033071   Castro Valley CA      0780          51
13     114x3c      Hayley Gutierrez                        --   Laughlin NV             051712      111.8
15     121cx16    Karinde Miller                                   (You Tube)                c.2011      118
19     159            Kate Edgin + 15               102603   Castro Valley CA           83        144
op     217x7       Shana Jordan                               --  Colorado Springs  100110       213.3
40    189            Crystal West + 82.6       052865    Palm Desert CA     011010       106.4
50    158.4c       Tami Lacy + 37.34         092757     Castro Valley CA    032811       121.0
60   119.4c         Bonnie Burrow + 10               51     Las Vegas NV         100612      109.4
65    110.8c        Sarah Schneider + 3.9            47    Pasadena CA          062312       107.4
Key: t = using only two fingers, 1 from each hand; bodyweight includes clothing  

Pullup Records for Reps by Age Group (Men)

Age   Reps   Athlete & Ht.                    Birth      Site                          Date       BW
5        3c          Greg Harder                           021168    Castro Valley CA           73        40
12       21         Aaron Olson                                    81    Rice Lake MN                93
13       25         Michael Busch                                91    Castro Valley CA      0504
14       31         Fred Saterfield                                17    Jr. Olympics                   31
16       35         Alec Weeks                                      92   YouTube                 112608       125
17       47*       Pavel Rudometkin RUS 5'8            94   YouTube                 032811      145
19       33         Ronnie Ray  5'3                    040842   YMCA Natl.                      61      175
op      88*       Burkhard Meier GER 5'9   072658    Riesa GER              030689      165   
45+    55        Heike Knabe GER                          61    Riesa GER              031608  
50+    36        David Rusch                            121159   Waukesha WI         051311       170
55+    33        Bernd Schroeder GER                  49    Riesa GER              031807
60+    28*      Kim Goodwin 5'9                  061449    Sierra Madre CA     101511     154 
65+    25*      Jack Lynch                                      44     Las Vegas NV         100612     185.8
70 +   16c      Doug Keeley 5'7                      051142    Castro Valley CA     051813    143.6
75+     14        Bill Dodson 5'9                       022835    Castro Valley CA     051813    151.0
80+     11        Sanford Werner 5'8               051231    Sierra Madre CA     101511     146
90+    6c        Moe Carson 5'6                      090919    Palm DesertCA       052210    150
Key: * = Only 47 of Rudometkin's pullups were good--too much leg flutter on the others; Only 88 or Meier's 95 were good; only 28 of Goodwin's 31 were good;only 25 of Lynch's 27 were good;  op = open record for all ages; bodyweight includes clothing 

Pullup Records for Reps by Age  (Women)
Age    Reps   Athlete & Ht.                      Birth    Site                      Date        BW
5            14        Olivia                                                        You Tube            021709
6            15        Olga Galchenko RUS            073190  Penza RUS           031997 
7            21        Katherine Weisenborn                 85   Ellington IL         041993
9            15        Jennifer Nolte GER                              YouTube                      87e
11          21        Courtney Rudometkin RUS         00    YouTube                    0111
16         18        Elysse Hennewinkel                               Newton MS                 04
19         20        Karyn Fogarty                                         Spring Hills PA        00e
op         36        Crystal West 5'3                    052865   Palm Desert CA    052610     104
40        36         Crystal West 5'3                    052865   Palm Desert CA    052610     104
50        14c       Tami Lacy                                092757   Castro Valley CA   032811     121
55         8c        Bonnie Burrow                                --     Van Nuys CA         061608    100
60        8c         Bonnie Burrow                                --     Las Vegas NV         100612    105 
65         3c         Sarah Schneider                             47   Laughlin NV          040713    114
Key:  c= chinups; bodyweight includes clothing; e = estimate

Feats of Strength Meet 
on March 28, 2011 at Castro Valley, California. This meet was held as part of the Bay Area Senior Games of 2011  (entrants age 50 plus) with an extra performer, Damien Longley, age 26.  Damien came all the way from Las Vegas, Nevada, to attempt a world record, by special permission of Dale Harder, the meet director. Damien made the record.
    Damien did pullups for 18 reps with 45 lb in addition to his bodyweight of 172.0 at a height of 5'9. These reps were officiated by Dale Harder and video evidence from two angles was also carefully reviewed. 
    Tami Lacy , age 53, weight 121.0 lb, of Martinez, California, set two world records for women 50-54. She did 14 strict chinups and one chinup for maximum weight with 37.4 lb extra for a total of 158.4 lb .
    In the farmer's walk please notice the details in the "Feats of Strength Results..." below  for 50 meters with 3 turns.  Each turn added about two seconds to the average competitor's time. Age group world records in the farmer's walk were set by all of these people: Fei-Mei Chou of Sunnyvale, CA; Diane Dominik of Castro Valley CA; Tami Lacy of Martinez CA; Dale Harder of Castro Valley CA; Ray Oster of Carson City, NV; David Chiasson of San Jose CA; Donald Watson of Walnut Creek or Danville, CA. Actual details are in the table below.
    All-around age group world records were also set by the first six people above.
In addition, Ronald Rivera of Fremont CA and Damien Longley set all-around age group world records.
    Other notable competitors were: Bill Weinstock of Sierra Madre CA (who also served as asst. meet director and chief videographer; Noah Baggett of Newark CA.

 Records updated February 11, 2014.

Standing Long Jump Records (toes behind line) Male Records*
Age    Record         Athlete                             Site                                     Date
4         4'5 1/4        Rex Robertson                Gallatin TN                       081413
5         4'10              Greg Harder                   Castro Valley CA              120173
8         6'9                Sean Nerney                   Garfield OH                      98
9         7'9                Steve Hammond            AAU-Jonathan City KS  69
10       7'6 1/2         Corvin Kerr                     Hershey Meet-FL            85
11        8'11              Emmanuel Hendrix      Hershey Meet-FL            040994
12       9'3 3/4        Kaiuway Boima               Hershey PA                      04
13      10'3               Keelin Smith                   Gainesville FL                  062307
14      10'4 1/2        Paul Punsal                     Hershey PA                      86
15       10'11 1/2           Anthony Americh                  San Francisco CA                   43
open   11'7                Calvin Johnson              GA Tech                          0307
50       9'10 3/4        Donald Watson             St George UT                   09
55        9'8                Donald Watson               NV State Games            100211
60        9'3               Steve Wilson                    Wichita KS                      090812
65        8'9 1/4        Andy Pitas                         St. George UT                100509
70        8'2 1/2         Fred Everhardt               Sr. Olympics
75        7'8                Fred Everhardt                Sr. Olympics
80       6'9 1/2         Robert E. Powell             St. Louis MO
85        6'4 3/4        William Sohlichti            Sr. Games
90        5'8               Ralph Maxwell                 St. George UT                 100311
95        3'7 1/4         Everett Penrod                St. George UT                  1010
Female Records*
3         3'4 1/2        Alexandra Cooper            Dobbs Ferry NY               081408
4         4'3 1/4        Luci Robertson                 Gallatin TN                       081413
6         5'7                Fiona Holloway                Temecula CA                   011213
8         6'8               Antoinette Bass                Hershey Meet-GA           87
9         7'7                Mary Ann Paine               Poplar Bluff MO-AAU    72
10       8'1                Tierra Crockrell                Seattle WA                        051912
11        8'5               Cindy Fraser                      Jefferson Co. CO              62
open  9'4 1/2        Cheryl Neal                         Topeka KS-AAU              66
60      8'4 1/2         Elizabeth Paisano             NM Sr. Games                  99
75       6'5               Christa Bortignon CAN    St. George UT                    101012
80      5'1 1/2         Maria Vebel                        St. Louis Sr. Games
85      4'5                Maria Vebel                        St. Louis Sr. Games
90      2'8                Anna Marie Wand            St. Louis Sr. Games
* Note: Many foreign countries allow toes over the takeoff board; we don't . It makes about 10" difference when done that way.

 Farmer's Walk Records 50m (164') 3 turn, 1 turn, and straight course
Age     lb       Dist.      Time   Athlete                                      Site                               
13      200  164't 26.0 Rock Weddington Laughlin NV 040713
19      350  164't 49.3 Michael Higuera Laughlin NV 040713
open    551    173'4    19.5     Terry Hollands GBR                 GBR Strongest Man     2006
open    661    200'     23.5     Phil Pfister                                  Wilmington MA           021702
open  705    164'        25.1     Mariusz Pudzianowski POL     Malta                              100209
45       200*  164't3   24.3      Joseph Ols                            Castro Valley CA           051813
50       200    164't3    25.8     Edgar Barney                      Castro Valley CA           051813
55      250   164't    27.0  Jeff Thompson Laughlin NV 040713
60       200    164't3    27.4     Tom Linda                            Castro Valley CA           051813
65      250    164't     33.9    Bill Weinstock Laughlin NV 040713
70        150    164't3    28.0    Leonard Levenson              Castro Valley CA           051813
75        150    164't3    32.5     Bill Dodson                            Castro Valley CA           051813
Key: t = # of turns--if no "t" then assume it's a straight course; the  more turns the more difficult it is; * = unofficial lighter weight than standard

Baseline Dynamometer Records
Age    Record     Athlete                             Site                          Date
7           20 kg          Dillon Harder                        Castro Valley CA     122703
8           34 kg          Nate Fowler                           McPherson KS         092207
11          36 kg          Zach Harris                           Pleasanton CA          090112
12          50 kg         Zach Harris                            Pleasanton CA         083113
13          60 kg         Thomas Rice                          Castro Valley Ca      021202
15          72 kg          Al Negete                                Livermore CA          031106
16          80 kg         Alexander Wong                   Livermore CA           031106
18         115 kg         Wes Peart                               Tucson AZ                 071407
open    122 kg         Dave Brown                            Pleasanton CA        090404
open    122 kg         Brad Ardrey                           Columbus OH          031212     
35         119 kg          Dave Brown                           Pleasanton CA         090410
40         115 kg          Dave Brown                           Pleasanton CA         083113
45         112 kg           Myles Wetzel                        McPherson KS         092207
50         106 kg         Myles Wetzel                         Pleasanton CA         090410
         86 kg           Dale Harder                           Petaluma CA            011406
70         80 kg           Dale Harder                           Castro Valley CA     082707                    
75         77 kg            Dale Harder                           
Castro Valley CA     042112
80         63 kg           Norm Martinov                     Sierra Madre CA     061113
85         61 kg            Ian Reed                                 Hayward CA            060813
90        43 kg            George Rusteika                   
Castro Valley CA     081712
100      24.5 kg        Frank Murray                        Hayward CA            071305

5             13 kg          Arabella Brown                    Pleasanton CA        090113
6             18 kg          Faith Vierra                          Pleasanton CA        090509
7             20 kg          Delaney Mc Neil                  Pleasanton CA        083003
8            21 kg           Brianna Harder                   Castro Valley CA    072206
9            25 kg           Brianna Harder                   Castro Valley CA    032407
10          37 kg           Brianna Harder                   Castro Valley CA     082008
12          39 kg           Kelly Eaton                           "Global Grip" PA     091607
15           51 kg           Shiloh Eggert                        Vancouver CAN      11803
open      83 kg          Danielle Curry                      Pleasanton CA         083113
35          72 kg           Bethany Owen                        Pleasanton CA      083113
50          56 kg           Jan Todd                                 Saddlebrook NJ    062803
55          56 kg           Rae Blewitt                             Pleasanton CA        090112
60         54 kg            Rae Blewitt                             Pleasanton CA       090113
65         47 kg            Karen Fishback                     Palo Alto CA           011111
75          42 kg          Marian Dobbelare                 Hayward CA           090109
75         42 kg           Joan Wilson                           
Pleasanton CA    090112
85        35 kg            Bernice Cabron                       Castro Valley CA   031912
90         26 kg           Gail Moore                               Hayward CA          061111
95          22 kg          MaybelleRasmussen              Castro Valley CA   020414
100        14 kg          Margaret Pickford                   Hayward CA         031912

   Older records below may include more age categories.
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